We bought Earthroamer #28 for multiple reasons, one of which is the theoretical accessibility it gives us to roads and locations that standard RVs simply can't. We're out of time in the USA and will be heading to Mexico this week, down Baja to start. This brings to mind some previous adventures we've been on in Latin America. The roads in Latin America are in our experience actually quite good - as long as you stay on the main hwy. On the other hand the second you take a side road or a back road you may encounter anything from pot holes as big as your vehicle to toros standing you down. In a place like Baja there are endless off road possibilities and secluded beaches only accessible with effort and willingness to travel off the beaten track. So as a warm up we thought we might try the Earthroamer through a little more technical back road in Joshua Tree National Park. With a longer wheel base than the usual Land Rovers and Jeeps found on this road and the fact that we are literally carrying our house with us it was extra fun! (Although Jenna may not agree with the last statement).