Our departure date has finally arrived! After years of dreaming, and months of planning, we’re officially leaving on our adventure today. Since we sold our yoga studio in November, we’ve been busier than ever getting rid of our things, getting the Earthroamer prepped and packed up, and trying to spend time with family and friends. Oh yeah, and we had our newest little Nomad, Lux, in December, too!

We’re super excited about following our dream of full time overland travel with the kids, but over the past few days the reality of leaving has set in. We’ve made some profound connections with friends who have been there for us during our most challenging moments. And our family here has been endlessly loving, generous and supportive of us. It’s hard to leave behind those who have truly seen us at our most joyful and vulnerable moments because people like that, “our people,” won’t come along every day. They’ve helped us follow this dream, even though I know they wish we would stay close. It’s hard not knowing when we’re going to see everyone again, but I know we will.

So after a family get together this morning, we’ll be off, our entire lives packed away in a 105 square foot living space. We need to be in Vernon to teach on March 2, but between now and then we’re free to explore and just be. We don’t have an exact route planned out -- that's the beauty of this trip/life. We’ll see where the road takes us.