We’ve never met parents who don’t struggle with maintaining a balance between work and family life. The flexibility to spend time with our kids has always been a top priority. We decided to open a yoga school 5 years ago for a variety of reasons, but high on the list was our ability to bring Arjuna to work with us when he was a baby, and our kids have always been a huge part of the community at Bikram Yoga Red Deer. As entrepreneurs, we’ve always had the ability to make our own hours, which allows us to be with our kids at work, but often that means that the line between work and family becomes blurred as we also bring our work home, typing on the laptop as the kids compete for our attention. When we decided to shift gears completely and travel fulltime, I think we envisioned more flexibility to spend time together as a family but instead, we’re learning the importance of making our time together really count.

We’ve been spending the last few weeks in Victoria, BC – one of the most beautiful places on the planet – and we’re learning the new balancing act of being self-employed on the road with 2 kids. Josh and I are grateful to be yogis in high demand here on the island, teaching and doing yoga business consulting at 3 different yoga studios. But this often leaves our days packed, teaching 2 yoga classes in the morning, then meetings for business consulting, followed by teaching 2 more classes at another studio in the evening. Even with the support of our family here, this means Josh and I swap kids back and forth between yoga commitments like ping pong balls. Despite our intention to maximize family time during our travels, on some days we have surprisingly little time together as a family. 

When we do have the opportunity to be together, being in Victoria has taught us to take full advantage of our natural surroundings. We go on walks through the forest on Bear Mountain, hikes in Goldstream Park, and explore the many beaches and ocean life. There is definitely more diversity on the west coast than we were used to back in Alberta and of course it’s easier to be outside in the warmer weather here, but there’s just something about being in a different place that brings out our spirit for exploration. But it’s made me realize that adventure is easy to find with kids no matter where you are, and all you need to do is get outside in nature.

It’s amazing to observe 3-month-old Lux as she starts to become more aware of her surroundings and takes in first time sensory experiences – like the ocean – from the comfort a baby wrap. And Arjuna is suddenly hard for us to keep up with whether he’s riding his bike with a full face helmet and aviators lapping us on the trails, or hiking / running up a mountain making up amazing games as we go, and taking every opportunity to climb up a rock or balance on a log at the beach. 

As we’ve come to believe through our yoga practice, everything is temporary. We’ve made the decision to work when there’s work available, since this isn’t a “till the money runs out” type of trip. But on the busy days when we might only have time for a quick walk on the beach, we enjoy the time we have together and remind ourselves that everything will balance out in the long run. Right now we’re juggling work, kids, and enjoying our beautiful surroundings, but there will be lots time when we don’t work at all for weeks on end and spending time just being together will be our only focus.