I used to watch those Tiny House Hunter and Small Living shows where people choose to live in incredibly small spaces and thought those people were kind of crazy and too extreme. Well I guess we're crazy too, probably even more so because we've got two kids (including an infant) in the mix. 

Part of our lifestyle that we've had to adapt to our new small living on the road has been our eating and grocery-buying habits. We enjoy food. Josh loves to cook. We feel it's important to buy organic, fair trade, and local whenever possible. I never really paid much attention to the cost of the food I was buying, or how much we were wasting.

But now that we've simplified our lives and are trying to subsist on less money and less space, things have changed fast. We had a big eye opener when we were moving out of our house and ended up throwing out two garbage bags full of food from our pantry that had expired because we just forgot we even had it and kept buying more food anyway. It's embarrassing how much excess there was! And we were totally unaware.


Our new pantry!

Our new pantry!

The pantry in the Earthroamer is more...compact. The 7 cubic foot fridge is perfect for a few days worth of fresh food. Now we can only purchase what we have room for. We decide what we're eating for the next couple of days and buy only what we need for those meals. We tell Arjuna that we only have room for one type of cereal, so he can choose Koala Crunch when he's finished eating his box of Whole O's. For Josh and I, instead of mindlessly throwing items into our shopping cart, grocery shopping has become an exercise in discernment: do we really need this? do we have space? can we make it from scratch for less instead? do we already have something similar? 

We aren't going to change our beliefs about spending a little bit more for better quality food, but having less storage space in the Earthroamer is kind of a blessing in disguise. It's made us so much more aware of our consumption. Excess simply is not an option anymore. Maybe we and all those Tiny House dwellers are not so crazy after all...