Every time we’re in Vic all I want to do is eat. Why? Because food in Victoria is effing awesome! You could probably eat out every meal here for a week without hitting the same spot twice and be happy the whole time.

I don’t like to call myself a “foodie” because honestly I’m not sure exactly what that means – and despite what they might say, neither does anyone else who refers to themselves as one. But in any case I love great food enough to think about what I eat and be opinionated about it.  

What we eat is one of the top four things we can do for our wellbeing, so when on the quest for something delicious, I appreciate when someone comes up with something that isn’t the standard default to low vibration biology. Yes if you wrap bacon around something, say a donut, and deep-fry it, it will probably taste good to most people. Oh wow, it’s so amazing how you combined that salt with that fat and some sugar, I can’t believe how good this is! Or, OMG have you tried that new place, I think it’s called “the slow roasted deep fried smoky dead animal kitchen” Or, you know what this town needs? A (insert any cliché chain restaurant with flavorless food cooked by a 15 year old name here)….  Yes I’m making fun of you, Alberta. This just in! The human body is an intelligent animal with pleasure centers that are triggered from high reward (high calorie) foods that would normally only be found, caught, and consumed at an extreme infrequency. So, now that my rant is done, and to officially define the problem - how do you create food that is delicious, has at least some real health benefits, doesn’t depend on killing something (did I mention I’m vegetarian?), that I don’t have to cook myself (everyone likes to eat out), and just to be thorough, has a positive effect on the local environment and economy? In other words - intelligent food. 

Well Victoria seems to have figured this out.

Even a steak house in Victoria can produce a great tasting, actually vegetarian dinner salad, and the server won’t scoff at you and act annoyed. The amount of food fusion here is amazing and it’s all good. Most places have labeled vegetarian options and understand what that means (no, chicken broth in your vegetable soup is not copasetic). Beautiful combinations of local fresh produce, exotic spices, and filling mains arrive to your table perfectly cooked and with generally good service. Most importantly you’ll be satisfied and nourished simultaneously.

So if you’re coming to Victoria for an “eat-cation” (yes I just made that up) here are my recommendations: 

1. The Blue Fox Cafe

If you’re gonna eat at this breakfast joint stop eating the day before at noon! The food is rich and the portions are tremendous but appreciated. Literally everything on the menu is great but if you’re not sure, their eggs benedict options are to die for. My favs are the Triceratops and the Eggs Pico. Be prepped for their delicious breakfast drinks by booking your afternoon off and drawing straws for designated driver. Okay, who are we kidding you’re in Victoria, you’ll be bicycling anyways. The only downside can be that you may also need to get in line the day before at noon. It’s worth the wait though, and the line can be half the fun.

2.     Il Terrazzo

Italian at it’s best! Every bite makes you happy, the wine list is so extensive it would be annoying except the servers can actually help you with it, and the motif may actually trick you into thinking you’re in northern Italy.

3.     Café Bliss

Über healthy and packed with flavor. The best place for whole food, plant based, and raw foods in the city. Don’t leave without an (un)cook book.

4. Bubby Rose's Bakery and Cafe

I’m biased on this one because Jenna and I lived right beside this bakery/coffee shop years ago, but their africanos and croissants still make me happy.

5.     Sushi at Jack's Place (formerly Kuma Sushi) at the Bear Mountain Golf Course

Despite the fact that there are a million great sushi spots in Vic this hidden gem is worth checking out. There is nothing particularly great in my opinion about this pub but who ever is making their sushi has figured something out. A great fusion of traditional and new age sushi flavors.