During our stay in San Diego, by fluke we met Selena Moshell, a dancer in the Broadway show The Lion King, and an aspiring video director. When Selena heard about our travels, she thought we would be the perfect subjects for a video scholarship contest she wanted to enter about an inspiring travel story.

It worked out perfectly for us! Before we left on our trip, we had grand plans of publishing a blog post every week and putting videos of all of our adventures on YouTube. At times we've felt as though we've to chose between documenting our travels and actually living them! And the experience wins out almost every time. So when Selena asked if she could make a 3 minute documentary about us, we were very excited. 

The video contest deadline was just a few days away so we met up at Bikram Yoga San Diego and in the Earthroamer to do the interview and filming. It was very candid, and we loved hanging out with Selena immensely. She did a wonderful job of capturing who we are and the inspiration behind our journey. So if you've ever wondered why the heck we would sell our business, our house, and all our possessions, move into 105 square feet of living space with 2 kids, travel around and teach yoga on the road -- this is why.