Our blog posts have been few and far between over the past few months -- I guess we're too busy living! We crossed the border into Mexico since mid-December, traveled around Baja, ferried the Earthroamer to Mazatlan, have been traveling down the Pacific coast ever since, and are currently in Sayulita enjoying yoga, beach and surf. There are so many topics we've wanted to write about (maybe we will one day!), but we do post photos and snippets regularly on our social media. Our friends have even started emailing us questions to answer in our posts!

During our travels, we've met many interesting people living the #vanlife and traveling around, and we love being part of the larger overland/travel community. Recently, we've received some attention from the online podcast and blogging community about our unique situation. There seem to be a lot of people overlanding in offroad vehices and a lot of families traveling around in RVs, but there don't seem to be many who are blending the two, and doing so full time! After seeing our posts on Instagram, we were contacted by Bob Davis of The Bob Podcasts and by Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas for interviews about what it's like to travel full time in the Earthroamer with our two kids.

We've included the intros to these interviews in the blog post, and you can click the links to listen to the full podcast and read the full interview and find out what we've been up to lately! 



Podcast 598-Nomad Yoga Family


Life is short. If there’s something you want to do, there’s no better time than the present. Most of us have all sorts of reasons why we don’t follow our passion. We have responsibilities and possessions that demand our attention. There are always ‘reasons’ why we can’t do what we really want to do. Find out the first steps in how to do it in Podcast 598-Nomad Yoga Family.

The Nomad Yoga family is Josh and Jenna and their two children. They’d always had a passion for Yoga and Travel. A family tragedy was the transformation clarifying the idea that life is finite. The couple sold their house, their car and most of their possessions to downsize into a used Earth Roamer with a plan to ‘overland‘. Living life untethered. They’ve been on the road now for over a year, heading down the west coast of Canada and the US, on their way to Central America and South America.

It’s a Trend

Living untethered or on the road permanently is a trend these days. There’s more to living this way than just deciding you want to travel. It’s cutting the cord completely. Think of selling your house, car and possessions and adjusting to life on the road, or on the seas, permanently. It’s one thing for an individual or retirees and another thing entirely for a young couple and their kids.

Josh and Jenna and their small children live in about 120 square feet of space in Earth Roamer #28. They travel, teach yoga and teach yogis how to build their studio businesses. How do you live day to day? What about getting the youngsters to school? Child Care? Personal time for each other and time alone? Do planning and checklists go out the window? Once you’re on the road, how do you change when you realize this isn’t a vacation or a long visit, this is actually life now?

Freedom and Technology

Josh answers many questions about living untethered in the conversation we have in Podcast 598-Nomad Yoga Family. We also talk about running a business on the road and the inevitable technology challenges. The desire to break free is a new trend in the United States. Not all services have caught up with it.

With Mobile Podcast Command I’ve done a fair amount of ‘untethered’ travel. I’ve certainly stayed out for long periods of time, whether covering the presidential primaries or some of the festivals around the country every summer. I have had the experience of heading ‘home’ to the Twin Cities and saying to myself, “I’m going home to pick up my mail and go to the bank. Why?”

Just do it

The overland experience is not for everyone. As Josh says in Podcast 598-Nomad Yoga Family, you really can’t plan for it. It’s something you just have to do. Once you’re out there, you pick up what you need along the way. The experience of discovering who you are and what you need is part of the trip.




By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 2/20/17

Nomad Yoga Family EarthRoamer

For the twentieth installment in our ongoing interview series here at Dirt Orcas, we are beyond pumped to speak with Josh Biro and Jenna Rosene. You might know them better as The Nomad Yoga Family.

I discovered their travels through Instagram and was immediately taken by the obvious; They are full time overland travelers and they happily do this with two kids.

In addition to all the “regular” trails of overlanding, Josh and Jenna spend their days entrenched in family life. Their children, Arjuna and Lux, take it all in stride and bring their own personal styles to the journey.

The second thing that stood out was the EarthRoamer. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of the EarthRoamer please spend a few minutes on educating yourself here.

Their personal blog, http://nomadyogafamily.com/, is a great place to learn about their travels and life on the road. You can also follow them on instagram or facebook, or their Youtube page.

The Nomad Yoga Family are inspirational to say the least. They are a terrific reminder that love and rich experiences are the foundation of a great family life. Supporting that is the challenge but life as an overland traveler will not inhibit that in any way.