Now that we're in Mexico, one of the most common questions we've been getting on the road and on social media (after questions about the Earthroamer itself) is how we can afford to travel full time.

People sometimes say: “I’d love to travel but I don’t have a job that I can do remotely.” Or “I’d like to move in that direction, but I don’t have an online business.” When we left Red Deer a year ago, neither did we! We kind of just took the plunge, flew by the seat of our pants, and were confident that opportunities would present themselves.

Although we do have some savings from selling our yoga studio and our house, right from the beginning we knew we didn’t want to approach our travels as a “till the money runs out” kind of trip. So we took our skill set from teaching yoga and owning and operating a yoga studio and got to work.

From the very beginning of our journey, we started contacting yoga studios ahead of time to see if we could guest teach. Part of our route was planned around our teaching schedule! Throughout Canada and the United States, we managed to cover almost all of our expenses (minus some repairs on the Earthroamer) by working at yoga studios.

But teaching yoga hasn’t been our only source of income.

Even before we sold Bikram Yoga Red Deer, other yoga studio owners were contacting Josh to help them with the business side of things. When we owned our studio, we optimized all aspects of our business by working with several business coaches, hiring a marketing firm, and attending Mindbody University. I think other studios must have seen that whatever we were doing was really working! Josh was hired to run sales meetings and do staff trainings all over the province. Then studio owners started asking him for more in depth consulting on all aspects of their business -- from pricing structure analysis to marketing help.

When we started traveling around in the Earthroamer and guest teaching at different studios, the owners would inevitably start asking us about our experience in the wellness industry. What worked at our studio? What have we seen at studios on the road that’s really working? Owning a studio now isn’t what it was 10 -- or even 5 -- years ago. With so much competition amongst yoga, wellness and fitness businesses these days, everyone seems to be looking to get more current with the best practices for studios right now.

So Josh started offering on the ground business coaching to the studios we visited. He would help them with reporting, analyzing numbers, optimizing their schedule and pricing, creating a vision and goals for the business, getting staff on board with selling, creating a marketing plan, increasing online presence, staff management and teacher mentoring and even more! We started getting so booked up with teaching and business coaching that when we weren’t able spend time onsite at a studio, he also started consulting with studio owners by phone and by email.

Looking back, this was the start of us working online, but we didn’t really plan it. It just evolved naturally. After consulting at studios across North America, and planning our journey into Mexico and further South, we decided to take everything we learned from owning our yoga studio, and teaching and business coaching at studios on the road, and put it all in an online course for yoga business owners who want to implement the current best practices in the wellness industry. This is how Nomad Business Coaching and The Foundation online course were born!

After a lot of hard work compiling information, filming, editing, putting together documents, and getting the Nomad Business Coaching website and social media up and going, the course is finally live! (A huge shout out to Selena Moshell who helped us out with all the filming and editing for the course and is absolutely wonderful to work with!) But it doesn't end here.

We certainly don't have being digital nomads all figured out. Working online while traveling Mexico with 2 kids in an overland vehicle has it's own set of challenges (but that's another blog post!). But we're committed because we're doing something we love. We didn’t sell our yoga studio because we wanted to get out of the yoga grind – we wanted to marry our passion for yoga, yoga business, and travel. We’ve been totally invested in the wellness industry for a long time and we’re excited that we can keep helping yoga studios succeed from anywhere we travel, especially if there are fewer studios to visit. Traveling full time has taught us to be open to adventure and new opportunities, and that's the energy behind Nomad Business Coaching.

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