We chose our Earthroamer for our tiny living full time travel/expedition vehicle for many reasons. When we decided to travel full time and drive the Pan American highway with our kids, we started off looking at van conversions, truck campers and standard RVs. Our dream vehicles were always rugged, 4x4 vehicles that would allow us to easily traverse any road and we wanted off grid capabilties. But for a family of four to live in full time, we also needed a dedicated bathroom space and at least one permanent bed. We came across Earthroamers, which had all our complete wish list and more, but were way beyond our price range. When we came across 10 year old used Earthroamer #28 it was a stretch for us but our total dream travel vehicle.  The Earthroamer is very unique it brings us a lot of attention and questions on the road. So we decided to film an exterior and interior tour of our tiny home on wheels. In this video, Josh tours the outside of the truck and goes through some of our favorite features and why it's the perfect vehicle for our venture from Canada to Argentina, combining the comforts of an RV with the rugged off-road capabilities of an overland vehicle. 

Coming soon -- a tour of the interior of our adventuremobile!