Josh and I have never had an issue with switching dreams. He's been a hockey player in the juniors, a SCUBA dive master, and worked at a marine field station. I was a university English lit honours student, a world traveller, a grad student en route to pursuing a PhD, and then a yoga teacher. We put everything on the line to build our yoga studio and put down roots, and then sold it all to travel with our kids.

In our experience, new opportunities present themselves when you're able to be truly open. And sometimes this means taking a leap of faith, changing dreams, or changing directions without knowing exactly what's on the other side.

When we decided to travel, we first set the intention of driving the Pan-American highway -- Canada to Argentina. We liked this idea, and it gave us something to tell people. (You get some pretty strange looks when you say: we just plan to drive around aimlessly without a specific destination or timeframe.) We've never known how long driving the Pan-American would take us. And I guess Argentina isn't necessarily the end of the road for us, anyway. But South is the general direction we've been heading!

Truthfully, since we've been in Mexico, we've been missing the structure of driving from yoga studio to yoga studio to teach, practice, and consult. Josh has been doing a lot of yoga business work online through Nomad Business Coaching, and we've taken part in the yoga community at some of the studios we've stopped at in Mexico, at Teacher Training in Acapulco, and most recently at the Om WAY Dos yoga retreat at Casa Om in Puerto Morelos. 

At Om WAY Dos, Josh had the opportunity to host a "Yoga Cafe"  and talk about the current yoga industry with other yogis and yogipreneurs. The discussion was such a hit that with the support and vision of some of the other studio owners there, we've been invited to run NomadWAY -- a Yoga Studio Owner's Retreat -- at We Are Yoga in Ormond Beach, Florida, in August...

So now we're driving to Florida!

This move North is a total change in direction for us, since we'll be backtracking from Mexico to USA, and temporarily away from our intended Pan-American/Argentina route. But we've learned not to get too attached to plans, and that good things always come from just saying yes to the right opportunities. (There have been loads of opportunities that we've passed on since we started travelling, too, because they just didn't feel right for us in that moment.)

It's kind of funny that we've been invited to Florida, because when we were first planning our route through USA, we thought we'd head down the west coast and the Rockies, then cut across Texas and the Southern states, and be able to drive all the way to the Florida Keys and then descend into Mexico in only 6 months! (In reality, we only made it between the Pacific and the Rockies and entered Mexico from San Diego, leaving so much of our plans to explore the states abandoned!) 

We've also been searching for the best place to be from about August until November during the worst of the rainy season in Mexico and Central America. Being in Mexico and Guatemala during the summer has taught us why so many travellers go back to Canada and the states during these months! It's extra hot, humid, mosquito-y, and there are daily rain storms. This is all fine, but it does make the East coast of the states sounds like a nice place to be for a while. 

So with all that said, we're super stoked to announce two events:

1. NomadWAY August 10-15 in Ormond Beach, Florida

We're teaming up with We Are Yoga to run a 5 day yoga owner's business intensive, practice yoga every day, and enjoy the beach :) Studio owners (or aspiring studio owners) can find out more here.

2. The Nomad Yoga Family East Coast Yoga Tour

We'll be driving up the East coast of USA to teach yoga and consult on yoga business. August, September, and part of October are already booked, but studios who are interested in having us visit can email us for available dates. 

While living nomadically, raising two kids, teaching yoga, and operating an online (and onsite) consulting business, we're still learning how all of these dreams can co-exist harmoniously. After 18 months on the road, we're getting a better handle on how we want to live, work, play and travel. 

We've learned that travelling from place to place without a sense of community isn't sustainable for us over the long term. We're on the lookout for something... but maybe we just don't know what it is yet! We've always been creators, community builders, and entrepreneurs. We don't want to be so focused on achieving an end result (Argentina?) that we miss opportunities or new dreams, and lose touch with our values and what's actually going to make us happy.

Our new direction of heading up to Florida and checking out the East coast feels like a great way for us to integrate our desires to travel and be part of a yoga community right now. Staying put in specific locations for longer time periods will also help us create more consistent routines for our family life (and Arjuna is super pumped about checking out Disney World!).

We're beginning to create a vision for how we can continue to travel the Pan-American (yes and still get to Argentina eventually), but also participate onsite at yoga studios and yoga community building events (like yoga retreats such as WAYcation, NomadWAY, and One Fire Hot Yoga Festival) for certain months of the year. We're not sure exactly what this all looks like, but that's part of the adventure!