The Yoga industry is huge and still growing -- these days it seems like everyone and their dog is a yoga teacher! There are also tons of people online trying to sell the lifestyle of being a digital nomad (you know, that image of someone working on their laptop on the beach)... which, in our experience isn't exactly an accurate depiction!

Somehow over the past few years, our family has managed to transition out of owning a brick and mortar Yoga studio, but still maintain our ties with the wellness industry, and marry that with out passion for travel. We didn't have it all planned out before we left on this journey and our entrepreneurial adventure has had some challenges. But we are making it as traveling Yoga teachers and have grown a successful online Yoga business as well, coaching yoga studio owners by phone and internet from wherever we are. 

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Our unique experience as "yogapreneurs," the difficulties we've faced along the road, and the valuable lessons we've learned is what we talk to Amanda, from the Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast, about in this week's episode. Check out the recording and show notes below!


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"Josh & Jenna’s yoga journey started with practicing Bikram Yoga, and their passion for the practice led them to own a studio in Red Deer, AB. After owning the studio for a number of years, they decided to take their life, their kids and their business on the road. They sold their yoga studio and began building an online business where they teach yoga teachers and yoga studio owners how to run successful businesses.

On this episode of the podcast, we talk about tips for owning a successful yoga studio, how to get yoga teacher jobs while traveling, the importance of getting paid for what you do, and how to sell your products and services as a studio or teacher. Josh and Jenna have a lot of experience with the business of yoga and we dive deep into the business of both owning a successful yoga studio and being a successful + sustainable yoga teacher."


Business Lessons from this Episode: 

  • You can practice anywhere in the world even if you don’t have the things that you normally have at home
  • It’s important to find balance between having a business and having personal time
  • Your business doesn’t need to be failing in order to make a change. You can make a change just because you want to.
  • “Lap top lifestyle” is different in reality than it’s portrayed online. It’s STILL work, but just in another country or culture!
  • Internet can be one of the biggest challenges when you’re on the road
  • Having a community in person helps to transition into online work
  • To build a successful business, you need to take chances, invest your time into things that don’t pay you, and trust that when you put in the work, the income will come
  • If you’re looking for traveling teaching gigs, take classes and build rapport before you ask to teach
  • Marketing is really important if you want to teach and travel
  • Continue to hone your craft and never stop learning. Becoming really good at existing within a yoga studio environment works!
  • Take studio ownership seriously
  • Your ability to communicate what your product is is more than important than having a great product. This is why bigger yoga chains are so successful!
  • Hone in on what you’re doing and get clear on your why – what is your real objective with what you’re doing?
  • It’s okay for money to be one of the reasons why you want to run a yoga business
  • What are the benefits of people doing yoga with you? Sell your products and services using the language of what people will receive from it
  • Keep adding value and educating
  • In today’s busy world, it takes about 16 views before someone decides to buy
  • And much more… Here’s the episode!

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