Nomad Business Coaching helps yoga studio owners get current, increase their cashflow, and feel more excited about going to work everyday! 

Through Nomad Business Coaching you will:       

  • Create a clear vision & business plan

  • Optimize your pricing, schedule, & cash flow

  • Learn proven, good feeling sales & marketing techniques

  • Understand how to keep your finger on the pulse through easy in-depth reporting

  • Improve the output & enthusiasm of your staff

  • Feel empowered & invigorated in the driver's seat of your yoga business!


I'm Josh, life long yogi, entrepreneur, and enthusiastic yoga business coach.  I passionately believe in the power of a good yoga studio and its positive effect on the community. I would love to share what Jenna and I have learned so that you can succeed to your fullest potential. 

For five years, Jenna and I were proud owners of a yoga studio Canada from 2010-2015. Despite our tight start up budget we were able to construct a state of the art, eco friendly, beautiful space, which later become a common studio to be toured by other would be owners while planning their own studio. During our years of ownership we managed to build a thriving community of strong yoga students (the vast majority of whom opted for a long term membership program), powerful teachers (teachers willing to learn, study, be punctual, and uphold the highest levels of professionalism at all times), an incredibly competent staff (capable of selling yoga, maintaining the studio space, aiding in follow sequences, and driving a boutique that averaged an additional $10,000 per month in gross sales) and an enthusiastic karma cleaning program (trade cleaning for yoga).

Since we sold our studio we've gone even deeper into the industry, traveling full time and teaching and business coaching at yoga studios all over North America. We've experienced the industry trends first hand -- what works and what doesn't work -- and we've developed a system of best practices to help yoga businesses everywhere. I've helped small studios that were on the ropes and state of the art studios in big cities looking to optimize their systems and every studio in between experience more success and excitement in their business.

Nothing I’ve managed to accomplish with my studio or any that I've worked with has been magical or mystical, a fluke or good luck, or because we’ve finished some special expensive business schooling. Everything I know is the result of hard work, but also asking for help! As yoga studio owners we’re often afraid to ask for help. But how do students learn how to correctly perform a yoga posture? From good instruction of course! We’ve worked with multiple business coaches throughout the years, high-end marketing firms, and have spent as much time as possible learning the ins and outs of running a successful and profitable yoga business.

I believe that the largest issue in the yoga world is a lack of understanding about the true current yoga business landscape and therefore what actions to take to positively affect our business. I strive to maintain balance between yoga and business and recommend strategies for how other studio owners and teachers may do the same. At the end of the day it's important to feel good about ourselves and the actions we are taking, all the while taking care of our personal well being – physically, emotionally, energetically, and financially!