Feel Excited About Your Yoga Business!

Do you want to own a buzzing yoga studio with classes full of new students, enthusiastic staff, and balanced cashflow? Do you dream of going to work feeling in control of your business and excited about the future?



Learn the current wellness industry best practices and amp up your yoga business with the only online course for yoga studio owners. This course includes 40 step-by-step videos and 30 supporting documents, including additional resources, detailed how to's, examples, and templates that you can start using immediately. You will also access the Nomad Business Coaching community through a private Facebook group and ongoing email and message support.


om mentoring

One-on-one mentorship with personalized strategies for your unique business needs! With the option of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly phone calls, Om Mentoring will keep you accountable and on track as we work together to implement customized strategies to help your wellness studio reach its full potential! You will also access the complete online course, private Facebook group, and unlimited email and text support. 


studio overhaul

The Nomads come to you! We will use our expertise to give you a fresh and honest perspective of what needs to be done to completely optimize your business from the inside out, and help you implement it now! If your business is on the ropes, has lost its original lustre, or you're simply ready to maximize the output of your business, this one-on-one, onsite intensive coaching program will give you the immediate and ongoing success you deserve!