Both Josh and Jenna exemplify authentic Bikram teaching.  I admire the way they use the dialog as their own yet committed to each word that Bikram put in it.  They are engaging, knowledgeable, energetic and passionately involved in helping every single student in their classes.  I come away feeling pushed and cared for at the same time.  They make it priority to know names from the moment they meet you behind the desk.  They are the real deal and feel all teachers should show this same high level of belief and fanaticism – it would silence more of the irrelevant discussions out there. True Ambassadors; Own The Craft; You’d be silly not to bring them in even if just a single class!

-Michele Vennard, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, Director of Bikram Yoga San Jose, San Jose CA


The Nomad Yoga family is just the burst of energy and inspiration that your studio is looking to find. Josh and Jenna are the kind of traveling teachers that you will want to have back again and again. From the warm welcome they give to everyone they meet, to the insightful studio owner conversations, to the no-nonsense Bikram Yoga teaching from the heart, these two really shine and you will thank your lucky stars they came your way. I know we do! And, of course, Lux and Arjuna are adorable and great to have around. Come back soon now, ya hear??

-Steve23 & Juicy Liberty Sanchez, Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers, Directors of Mission Yoga, San Francisco CA


I would recommend Josh and Jenna to any studio owner. During the time period that they taught at our San Francisco yoga school, my experience of Josh & Jenna's professionalism was exemplary. They exhibited strong qualities of professionalism, care of the yoga school and students, friendly/personable, organized and very helpful.  I was impressed by how quickly and seamlessly they picked up and administered our studio policies and procedures; and they were always in communication with us about studio topics on a regular bases. They have the experience and knowledge to operate a yoga school from the inside out, including: sales, customer service, marketing, organization, and the ability to teach true Bikram classes with style and effectiveness. They took care of the yoga school as if it was their own; and the students had nothing but great things to say about them and their classes. We feel fortunate that Josh and Jenna were able to contribute and be a part of our yoga community here in San Francisco. I only wish they could have stayed longer. 

-Christian Lipton & Shelley Fisher, Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers, Directors of Bikram Yoga Seacliff, San Francisco CA


As the Nomad Family arrived at our studio you could feel the buzz in the air. Their passion for yoga and life is palpable. They taught stellar classes, demonstrated disciplined yoga practices and tended to our studio as if it was their own. Watching them in action lit a fire in us. We are excited to grow our relationship with Josh and Jenna through their business coaching program. Don't miss the opportunity to have this family at your studio.

-Leah Shirley & Julie Yates, Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers, Directors of Bikram Yoga SE Portland, Portland OR


Josh and Jenna are a great fit to any studio. They come in ready and willing to work and help with the studio as you see fit. They have great experience and you will know it by the questions they ask and how you want things done. Their energy is reassuring, calm and kind. Classes are straight forward, to the point as any good meditative Bikram class should be. Many students complimented on classes they taught and were sad to hear they weren't staying longer. The only thing I regret is I didn't plan a stay vacation to take more of their classes. I hope Josh and Jenna have a chance to spread their knowledge to you and your students. 

-Cheryl Webster, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, Director of Bikram Yoga Missoula, Missoula MT


As the owner of Bikram Yoga Delta in the Vancouver area of BC, I have managed many different teachers over the last 8 years. Often many teachers, both new and experienced, to the studio result in more effort and headache to me rather than being a benefit to me as they require so much guidance. At times I find myself worried that a teacher will not uphold the high standard of teaching and professionalism that I expect at my school.

Josh and Jenna are not these types of teachers! Having them join our community over the last month as been tremendously helpful and even inspiring for both the students and myself. It is clear that as previous studio owners and serious yoga practitioners of Bikram yoga they understand how to be useful at a yoga studio. Both Jenna and Josh were professional at all times while in and out of the hot room, they helped with selling products and memberships at the front desk before and after class, they were always punctual, and most importantly offered enthusiastic real Bikram yoga instruction in the yoga room.The feedback that I received back from my students has been equally good. I wholeheartedly 100% recommend that anyone looking for good and authentic Bikram yoga teachers at their school should hire Josh and Jenna. As well, I would be happy to have them back to my school again.

-Mak Parhar, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, Director of Bikram Yoga Delta, Vancouver BC


I have had the pleasure of having Josh and Jenna to our studio in Vancouver on Commercial Drive. They are a delight to have around. With many years of experience teaching as well as owning a studio, they are very well equipped to handle anything that comes up behind the desk or in the yoga room. They carry a very light and positive atmosphere with them while still grounded and are helpful to students of all levels. Any studio that has the chance to have Josh and Jenna during their travels will greatly appreciate they did.

-Brad Hankewich and Christian Betancor-Leon, Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers, Directors of Bikram Yoga Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC


From the day we heard that Josh and Jenna were coming to Vancouver we felt connected. Josh and Jenna spent 2 months in Vancouver. In this time we were being coached on our Bikram Yoga teaching and attending several consulting sessions about our new studio. We are truly blessed that our paths crossed with theirs. They came to us with experience, friendship and most of all love for the truest form of yoga in the world, Bikram Yoga.

The energy that ignites from their souls is contagious. The expertise in managing, owning and selling the most successful yoga school in Canada is a true gift that they carry. Josh is excellent at numbers. He gave us the missing piece of the puzzle after spending days studying our business plan. Jenna gave us the truest form of feedback from teaching we have had in years. Bikram Yoga Broadway will be opening much more successfully this fall because of Josh and Jenna. We look forward to having them visit, coach and consult with us during all the years of our studio.

Put aside your ego and welcome these two into your studio. Don't think, just do it. They will reignite the fire in your business. Bikram Yoga is truly blessed to have Josh and Jenna in its community. We never knew what we were missing in our business planning until we had their professional, friendly and most of all honest consulting.

Thank you Nomad Family for touring Canada and America. We know that for every single student you teach and every owner you consult in Bikram Yoga, you will make a positive impact. Thank you for keeping it real.

-Jacob and Rea Lynch, Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers, Directors of Bikram Yoga Broadway, Vancouver BC


The Nomad Yoga Family were such a wonderful pleasure to have at our studio. It's rare to see two yoga teachers with such knowledge of the postures and a great understanding of what it takes to run a studio. I felt totally comfortable leaving the studio in their hands. I highly recommend any studio owners/directors to host these two lovely humans and their adorable children. We look forward to having them back, as do out students. 

-Gabe Shamash, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, & Jasmin Parkin, Certified Yoga Teacher, Directors of North Yoga, Squamish BC


I would like to share my experiences with Josh and Jenna’s teaching and what having them at my studio meant to me. They were reliable, punctual, always ready to GO the moment the doors opened and stuck to scheduled classes with no funny business! I was awestruck by how Josh had something yoga-related to say to just about each and every student as they walked in, never even having met them. He was able, in a few seconds, to draw them out, learn what he needed to learn, and draw them deeper into their yoga just as they were walking in the front door – I got inspired to do that better myself. In class, Josh used appropriate and different energies masterfully to entice and encourage, as well to soothe and smooth. Super strong, but a softie too! He takes seeds of our lineage-based knowledge and extrapolates this into his own words, thereby keeping the class rooted in awesome yogi principle. Jenna blew my mind in class -- her first one at the studio -- and somehow she retained numerous different names. In the Standing Series alone, she was able to use those names perfectly, supportively, not more than once per, to make a quick pertinent verbal individualized cue, nothing over the top, totally safe and fun and useful. So engaged and engaging! She had everyone in the palm of her hand. Both Josh and Jenna were genuine in adhering to what consistencies I have created here regarding room management, which I find helps when having guests. I don’t like my wheel re-invented. They were able to add to, without taking away from. They are both very much involved after class following up with their students and engaging in post-class relevant conversation. Both looked the part – attractive, dressed well, vital and living yoga in all ways.

-Wendy Debeck, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, Director of Bikram Yoga Sidney


At Bikram Yoga Vernon we have had numerous visiting teachers come through our studio. In my mind, the Nomads stand out as a powerful, dedicated and inspirational family, providing tremendous value on the front desk and on stage. They have the experience, knowledge and passion to simultaneously elevate your students' practice as well as your studio's financial performance. I would recommend the Nomad Yoga Family to any Bikram Yoga Studio.

-Dionne Kopeck, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, Director of Bikram Yoga Vernon


I am writing this letter in recommendation of Jenna Rosene and Josh Biro as I have know them to be exceptional Bikram yoga teachers, and studio owners. I visited Jenna and Josh at their they owned in Red Deer, Alberta Canada and witnessed their love and passion for the practice of Bikram yoga. They established a wonderful community and operated an amazing yoga school that motivated and inspired people of the community from all different backgrounds. They both are knowledgeable of the Bikram yoga series who are dedicated to the practice themselves. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences from my time spent with them. They are both very professional, enthusiastic and wonderful teachers that I could not recommend more highly. Your students will highly benefit from their contagious energy and outgoing personalities!

-Ky Ha, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher 2004, Men’s International Yoga Champion 2007


I have known Josh and Jenna for several years and was invited to visit their studio, Bikram Yoga Red Deer, for workshops on a couple of occasions. They created a space that is bounding with energy and enthusiasm amongst their students and teachers. Josh and Jenna are very committed to the Bikram method and teach with the highest regard for preserving the sequence and methodology of the practice. 

Both Josh and Jenna have been very active in the Canadian Yoga Federation over the years. Both competed in the asana championships on several occasions as well as coached and trained several competitors. They have always been committed to bringing the best knowledge and inspiration to their students by bringing in many different seminars and workshops to their community. The enthusiasm they both have for what they do seems to rub off on their students and they always fill the house for visiting experts! 

Josh and Jenna have a great disposition and work ethic and have been able to be strict and loving within their community of students as well as the teachers they have mentored over the years. They have created a space for people to work hard and be supported as they work through their own yoga practice.

I think Josh and Jenna would be a great resource for any yoga studio. They have not only continued their yoga education over the years but have also been very successful business owners and directors. They have proven that it is possible to marry their passion and love for yoga with keen business management and operation to produce a booming yoga studio. Many yoga studios lack the knowledge to be successful as a business but Josh and Jenna have worked hard to run a personal and compassionate yoga studio as well as a financially successful business operation.

-Ida Ripley, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher 2005, 5 Time Canadian Hatha Yoga Champion, 2009 Women's Silver Medal International Yoga Champion


I have known Jenna and Josh as Bikram Yoga teachers, and the owners of Bikram Yoga Red Deer, AB, Canada through the Fall of 2015. They recently hosted me to lead a full weekend intensive Bikram Yoga Seminar at their school (Nov. 6-8, 2015). I have been doing Bikram Yoga Seminars for many years all over the world, as one of the original few authorized by Bikram Choudhury, and was a senior faculty of the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training from 1998-2014 (40 Trainings), and have owned and operated Bikram Yoga San Diego since 1998, certified and teaching since 1997.

In this recommendation, I will comment on the professionalism of Jenna and Josh in relation to the Yoga business, on the inspiring atmosphere and community that they cultivated and facilitated with their students and teachers/staff at Bikram Yoga Red Deer, and on my experience with them in relation to their enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication to the safe, proper, effective, uncompromised, and undiluted teaching of traditional Bikram Yoga.

Jenna and Josh are very knowledgable about Bikram Yoga, as they have studied and continued to focus their attention on it since their graduation from the Teacher Training. They have operated their school and worked with the teachers and students there to provide not only a safe and correct environment for the Yoga practice, but an encouraging and inspiring one. They understand how the Yoga works, and the importance of how it’s taught (using the accurate Bikram Yoga Dialogue). They understand the uniqueness of each individual person, both students and teachers, and how that is worked with in the context of teaching the consistent Bikram Beginning Yoga Class. Jenna and Josh have hosted numerous successful events at their Red Deer school related to Bikram Yoga, such as Seminars and workshops, and Regional Yoga Championships, to supplement and help broaden their students’ practices, and their teachers’ teaching.

The community that they established at their school, and with the other Bikram schools of Western Canada is obviously very positive, and has made them very appreciated by all. Their own school seemed to be run very professionally, technically and hygienically well thought out, set up, and maintained, and all done creatively. On the business side, they seemed to be very well organized and innovative, including being able to make a completely seemless transition to the new owners that they sold their school to. I’ve had talks with Josh about Yoga business management, staff training, working with teachers, etc., and am excited to hear he will be offering these services as Yoga Business Consulting to Bikram Yoga schools throughout their travels.

I highly recommend them to anyone to take advantage of the many things they can contribute to safe and proper offering of Bikram Yoga, especially the teaching of it. They are wonderful, trusted people, great Yogis, who everyone loves, a wonderful family.

-Jim Kallett, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher 1997, Director of Bikram Yoga San Diego