Josh serendipitously came to Bikram Yoga San Jose on a travel through and ironically his timing was during one of our teacher clinics. Hearing he had great ideas about sales for teachers to learn and adapt, we had him speak for two hours. Now, I look back and consider that one of my most fortunate days in current years at BYSJ. We were evolving but wrongfully as the studio took on some heavy black clouds that blinded all of us to the real problems we faced. Josh not only saw but had a solution that was immediate, simple to institute and communicated easily. There is a gift with Josh. He is so capable of getting everyone engaged in a way that they WANT to do it. He is smart, sharp and confrontive but isn’t threatening or intimidating – he really wants you to learn and know it and will be there with you 24/7 until you do! Josh walks the talk. He has great experience but what makes him so appealing is his willingness to get his hands dirty too. With Josh, I not only come away with a better idea but I get the confidence too that it works cause we’ve applied it several times building a routine with the repetition. He can walk away and I still can trust it is getting done right. I could go on and on. I’m so grateful to Josh and consider him and his wife friends and hope to see Josh out there helping more studios like mine that may think issues are in one area when they are really somewhere else – usually right in front of your face back to the basics of raw grassroots selling and customer service. Jump on it when you get a chance to use Josh – if you are like me, you’ll come out from under and rekindle why you started what you did in the first place!

-Michele Vennard, San Jose CA

From the day we heard that Josh and Jenna were coming to Vancouver we felt connected. Josh and Jenna spent 2 months in Vancouver. In this time we were being coached on our Bikram Yoga teaching and attending several consulting sessions about our new studio. We are truly blessed that our paths crossed with theirs. They came to us with experience, friendship and most of all love for the truest form of yoga in the world, Bikram Yoga.

The energy that ignites from their souls is contagious. The expertise in managing, owning and selling the most successful yoga school in Canada is a true gift that they carry. Josh is excellent at numbers. He gave us the missing piece of the puzzle after spending days studying our business plan. Jenna gave us the truest form of feedback from teaching we have had in years. Bikram Yoga Broadway will be opening much more successfully this fall because of Josh and Jenna. We look forward to having them visit, coach and consult with us during all the years of our studio.

Put aside your ego and welcome these two into your studio. Don't think, just do it. They will reignite the fire in your business. Bikram Yoga is truly blessed to have Josh and Jenna in its community. We never knew what we were missing in our business planning until we had their professional, friendly and most of all honest consulting.

Thank you Nomad Family for touring Canada and America. We know that for every single student you teach and every owner you consult in Bikram Yoga, you will make a positive impact. Thank you for keeping it real.

-Jacob & Rea Lynch, Vancouver BC

In April 2016 I took advantage of the chance to do some work with Josh Biro. I’m sharing in bullet form what I in early stages have gotten from these consulting sessions and why I would refer him to you.

The sales training session was a good boost for my core staff: for myself too. I needed to have my head put straight as to methods, to priorities on desk, to have a streamlined process in place for everything from the simplest aspect of welcoming, to registering, to selling the Intro, to navigating the newcomer through. Both desk and teachers gained confidence and clarity from listening to Josh. Josh is not just a great communicator – he actually has something to say. His delivery and content ALL combine to make US better at SELLING yoga, while removing feelings of awkwardness. My teachers are now more motivated to help people buy yoga, and understand the importance of their role in doing that. The 3 hours whipped by and all staff were kept engaged and were empowered by the methods of sales Josh went over. We did some practice with desk and some role play which was NOT goofy at all – rather, super useful.

Josh got me going with certain Mindbody reports as well as one that he put together himself. He kind of brought MindBody University, and with only the relevant courses, to me. He made reports useable and made me feel that I can continue these, without him.

Josh understands that the implementation of the ideas is key to success and so he worked with my particular foibles to best assist me, and thereby the studio. He is genuinely into helping studio owners do more than stay open, but to maximize potential! He has streamlined ideas and scheduling and marketing so as to make my yearly plan viable and effective.

I was given meaningful tasks to accomplish, if possible before our next meetings. These sessions are about making more $ (having more yogis around) and a way to be actually on top and then ahead of all the details, which I hadn’t seen a clear way to doing before. Josh has figured out how to present sales and marketing yogically which makes it all more appealing. He was available for text assistance and follow up questions. He is sending ongoing tips and cares about my success.

I opted to ask him for extra help on other efforts regarding the creation of auto emails and will continue to hire him for distance work.

In summation I feel like Josh’s fee will be paid for very soon, even in a month, he will have made me that $. So hiring Josh just makes sense. From the heart, having gotten this level of help a long time ago would have in hindsight been so so smart. But I didn’t have anyone that I could trust, nor anyone that was will willing to work with me time wise and financially on this VERY effective level. No time or money wasted – only time and money to be made and saved.

-Wendy Debeck, Sidney BC

At Bikram Yoga Vernon we have had numerous visiting teachers come through our studio. In my mind, the Nomads stand out as a powerful, dedicated and inspirational family, providing tremendous value on the front desk and on stage. They have the experience, knowledge and passion to simultaneously elevate your students' practice as well as your studio's financial performance. Additionally, through their business coaching, my staff received valuable insight, strategy, and confidence; specifically, my staff fully appreciates the importance of consistent dialogue outside the hot room and how this reflects my studio's financial performance. Hence, I would recommend the Nomad Yoga Family to any Bikram Yoga Studio.

-Dionne Kopeck, Vernon BC

The business coaching we received from Josh was extremely valuable. He communicated his point and goals very clearly and helped increase my knowledge of business in general, not to mention how to improve it. We have experienced an increase in new students as well as client retention. The sales training was clear and effective, improving our sales team and helping guide us in the right direction. Without a doubt I would hire Josh again for future use and I have already recommended him to other yoga studios (hot and not!)

-Leanne Tomanek, Edmonton AB

Josh was a tremendous resource for us in reviewing our studio and business practices; my partner and I learned a lot throughout our consultation process. Josh was able to connect with us regarding the operation of the studio via online conference calls and helped to review and work through our meeting topics. He provided an outline of the information we were going to cover and was able to clearly review the topics and go in depth when we needed further discussion and direction. He was able to effectively communicate the points of our subject matter and did very well in exploring conversations and discussion when needed. He helped significantly in expanding our understanding of our software reporting and helped us to better use the information generated from these reports. This gave us a great base to work from with improving our business goals and direction. We experienced a significant growth after our consultation with Josh, surpassing our goals with our sales and implementing positive and effective marketing.

One of the most impactful things we did with Josh was work on sales training with our staff. The team felt the method was simple and effective in creating the right discussion with our customers. I feel we have improved as a team with our ability to sell to our customers and are confident in the ability to continue to grow with his methods.

We definitely gained new skills and knowledge to continue moving forward as a studio from the training Josh provided us. I feel we had a positive shift and are empowered to grow and make well founded business decisions for our studio. I would recommend hiring Josh as a consultant for a studio looking to move forward in understanding your business better and to help implement effective shifts in sales and retention. Our studio would bring Josh back in the future if we felt we needed additional support/consultation to continue to grow.

Josh is a supportive and positive consultant who has an expertise in the hot yoga niche market. My partner and I had a great time working with him and would recommend his services.

-Shauna McMartin, Edmonton AB